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Yorkie911 Rescue’s 5th Annual Pet Fashion Show Highlights One-of-a-Kind Designer Creations

By  on June 11, 2014

Yorkie911 Rescue is a wonderful group, founded by Heidi Walker, dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for Yorkies and other small breeds. The (501(c)3) organization utilizes its volunteers own homes to foster the rescued pups until a great forever home is found. I was excited to cover its 5th Annual Pet Fashion Show, knowing some of the designers and people participating, but the universe had other plans. With little Jasper, our brand new rescue, having come into our lives the night before, traveling to Long Island from NYC for a full day on his very first day was not the best idea. But, fashion show coordinator, Mary Goodrow, was kind enough to give me an insider’s viewof the event, the designers creations and something very special and different they did this year. So, come with me and experience the creative genius of couture dog fashion!


Raffle Baskets


A little background on this impressive rescue group: in just four years, they’ve housed over 600 dogs! That’s over 600 lives saved. They consist of volunteers only and, in someone like Mary’s case, full time volunteers. So, all of the money raised from Sunday’s event goes to vet care, transport and home care of the dogs they save. That’s it.

This year they outdid themselves. There were 70 raffle baskets and 12 grand prizes. I’m told that each raffle basket is enormous, with a minimum value of $150. The Grand Prize can be valued at $500 and up.  This year a couple of the prizes included the luxury brand Tumi luggage and gift certificates from Zales, ladies. The event took place in the ballroom of the Upsky Hotel inHauppauge, Long Island; a full lunch was served,  doggies were allowed and vendors were present with some interesting wares.

This show is a huge project and Heidi and Mary start working on it in the fall. Each of the three designers chosen this year were asked to create a collection to debut at the event, not before. Outfits began arriving one month in advance, so Mary could fit the Yorkie911 rescues and see who was going to model. This year, 20 were used in the show. The models are adopted rescues, so their new families attend and Heidi and Mary get the opportunity to see how their former charges are doing. And happily, at the end of the event, one of the available rescues, Gucci, was adopted!

The Designers

Valerie Curren of Tuck and Tula: Valerie’s milieu is heirloom harnesses that feature antique lace, linen and embellishments.  Her theme this year was nursery rhymes and holidays, and these pieces were as intricate and ornate as you can imagine. Whole rhymes were told on the backs of harnesses, including English rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle” and “Custard the Dragon.” A winter wonderland was displayed on another. Mary’s little cutie boy, Philly, who she adopted at last year’s event, has a Frosty harness created by Curran. As Mary describes, “Valerie’s pieces are like keepsakes. You hold on to them forever.” You can see more of Tuck and Tula’s designs on Valerie’s Facebook page.


Valerie Curran’s Tuck and Tula harness collection, based on nursery rhymes




Janice Craig of Belle Diva Couture: Janice presented a variety of items this year, from her wonderful Fishy Fish harnesses in rich purples and cherry reds. Each one features an aquatic scene or water-themed embellishment. The purple harnesses have embroidered bright, cheerful fish and the red harness is sporting a gorgeous, big sterling silver starfish. I understand Craig also included a black Fishy Fish harness, with a beautiful shell.

Janice also included clever pieces paying homage to Shirley Temple. One, inspired by Temple’s famed red and white polka dot dress and hat, was really delightful, with a red and white under layer that gave a buoyancy to the look. That it was worn by the most adorable little Yorkie didn’t hurt, either! Philly modeled the Good Ship Lollipop Sailor outfit, another Shirley Temple favorite. A Peruvian Party-themed boy and girl set, featured bold, beautiful colors and great detail. Janice closed her show with a very special and meaningful piece for her; the wedding dress her little Yorkie, Sophie, now deceased, had originally worn in a special North Carolina event to benefit a local rescue organization. This hand-crafted satin bridal gown featured lace overlay, pearls and satin flowers. You can learn more about Janice’s designs and purchase on her Belle Diva Couturesite.


Belle Diva Couture’s Homage to Shirley Temple




Good Ship Lollipop Sailor by Janice Craig/Belle Diva Couture



Yvette Ruta of Yvette Ruta Luxury Design: Yvette is one of the most prolific of the designers, expanding her collection to include beautiful beds, bedding, even human baby clothes. On Sunday, she didn’t disappoint, creating her entire collection in a very chic black and white. Ruta partnered for the show with Susan Howard-designed Hayley’s Hats, and many of the outfits included a specially created topper to finish the look. I understand Pebbles, Philly’s sister and Mary’s other Yorkie, was wearing a special piece Yvette made for her. Ruta closed the show with a gorgeous white day bed, completely dressed in black and white bedding. You can see more of Yvette’s designs and purchase here.


Yvette Ruta Luxury Design’s netting overlay on satin two-tiered look



Yvette Ruta Luxury Design’s Tulle Confection



Yvette Ruta Luxury Brand’s Completely Dressed White Daybed



The participants challenge…

Every year the Yorkie911 Pet Fashion Show has three contests. But this year, Heidi and Mary went beyond beyond to create one big contest. Participants were required to design something for their dogs with one, ironclad stipulation: it must be made from construction paper. You could embellish the piece with anything you’d like – fabric, plastic, crystals, whatever. I thought that was very creative. It reminded me of a friend who’s a human fashion designer, who entered a Charmin national contest and had to create a complete outfit out of toilet paper. I saw some real stand out pieces in the photos, and Mary said they received the most entrants they’ve ever had.  The winner was ”The Peacock,” created by Teresa Costanzo and worn by her Chihuahua pup, Lollipop. It was an intricate, colorful and wonderful design, made entirely of layers of construction paper. Windows were cut out of the crystal-embellished bodice to expose the green peacock-colored tissue paper underneath. The skirt also featured several layers of construction paper, with tissue paper ruffles and handmade florets arranged to form a design of spirals, with a touch of sparkle. The hem was trimmed in genuine peacock feathers for just the right finish. She’d even designed a matching paper hat with a peacock feather sitting atop. Amazing!


The Peacock Construction Paper Design by Teresa Costanzo


At the end of the day, after the couture creations were peeled off of the pups and they got to play like doggies, Yorkie911 Rescue raised netted over $11,000. Yes, this money will go towards transporting the rescued dogs, getting them proper veterinary care and the expense of fostering them. But the organization had a special goal this year; to be able to buy a new transport van, so they could rescue even more dogs. And, with the help of everyone who donated, they reach it!  ”We’re very fortunate,” Goodrow shares. “We have very dedicated volunteers and supporters, and we’re really grateful to everybody.”


Article as it appeared in  *Pictures taken by Terry puntervold







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Rescue Squad Pup & Former Mill Survivor,

 Tinkerbelle, Sees the Spotlight!

Tinkerbelle NewsDay


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Yorkie911 was a Winner of the Best Friends Animal Society's “Lay Your Head on a Bed Tonight” Cash & Pet Bed Giveaway!

Check It Out!


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Thank You Long for supporting Yorkie911 Rescue!

Sponsor Logo


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Did You See Lola, Hope, Diego, Ariel, Sherry, Tillie, Mariah & Bernie On The CBS Early Show?

12.03.30 CBS Early Show 12.03.30 CBS Early Show Interviewing

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Pup My Ride Recap

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12.3.27 PMR Franklin


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Best Friend's Latest News

With another Pup My Ride transport just around the bend, it is only appropriate to show the successful progress of the program with an article of a puppy mill survivor named Oscar.  Read this wonderful article written by Denise from Best Friends Animal Society about Yorkie911 Rescue's very own rescue maltese, Oscar, who found a wonderful furever family in Connecticut to share the rest of his life with!



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Yorkie911 Enlists the Help of Pilots And Paws

On January 29, 2012 two pilots & a bunch of Yorkie911 volunteers worked together to help transport a 15 week old Yorkie mix puppy. Thank You to the Pilots for Your Generosity & Helping Yorkie911 Help this puppy!


12.01.29 Pilots &  Paws Interview 12.01.29 Pilots  & Paws Reporter 12.01.29 Pilots & Paws Puppy


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Yorkie911 Was On News 12 Long Island

 Thursday  December 29, 2011 @ 8:40p

N12  LI Animal Island Group Shot N12 LI Animal Island Heidi & Reese N12 LI  Animal Island Remy N12 LI Animal Island Anais & Reese

During the News12 Long Island Animal Island Segment, Reporter Stone Grissom chatted live with the Rescue Squad about what it takes to be a part of the Team and what it takes to adopt a Yorkie911 Rescue pup.  Totally cute and totally adoptable pups Reese (aka Reeses Pieces) & Remy (aka Remy Martin) had their moment in the spotlight and completely stole the show- both on and off the camera!


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Yorkie911 Rescue Pups Appeared on News12 CT Again..

..This Time Modeling Pawsome Doggie Designer Sweaters, Collars & Leashes by LMB Designs!

  Oct. 22, 201 1 - Oct. 24, 2011

 11.10.16 N12 Marco, Holly & Tabi 11.10.16 N12 Erica & Marco

 11.10.16 N12 Sue & Heidi onset 11.10.16 N12 Sue & Fiona 11.10.16 N12 Anais & Fiona

Check Out LMB Designs Here!

Sponsor LMB Designs


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 Pup My Ride

October 18, 2011

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Yorkie911 Rescue Pups on News12 CT!

11.09.04 Pet Talk News12


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Yorkie911 Rescue On the Radio!

July 11, 2011


Listen in to Andy Troy's Interview with Yorkie911 Rescue & Best Friends Animal Society at:


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Long Island Pet Photography Donates to Yorkie911 Rescue!

PJ Patch


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Check Out The Yorkie911Rescue "Spa Day" on March 29, 2011 at Petco Glen Cove


Glen Cove Patch Sponsor


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Pup My Ride - March 29, 2011

Best Friends Animal Society teams up with Yorkie911 Rescue & other rescue groups/no kill shelters to transport puppymill survivors from the midwest. 

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A small dog was caught & found in the BRENTWOOD, NY area on March 8, 2011 after someone had been trying to catch her all day on March 7, 2011.  After the dog was safely caught, they called Yorkie911 Rescue to help find the rightful owners.  After a week of posting "Found Dog" information all over the internet, calling local shelters to see if anyone had lost a female Yorkie in the last month or so & numerous leads that failed- the owners were found today March 16th!  Turns out Mya has been missing since February 24, 2011 & the story doesn't end there!  She may have been picked up by someone else because she was missing the shirt she was wearing when she got away and a cheap collar was placed around her neck with no tags.... needless to say she is safely back with her family who missed her dearly!

Click below to watch the reunion video



Bebe-Mya Reunited w/Family


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Van Gogh's Furever Family 1


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VanGogh/Max Newsday Story&Family Photo

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 Max's Foster Mom Linda, The Doggie Nanny Made a Video of Max's (aka Van Gogh) Happy Reunion

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PMP Nov Abott & Costello

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"How Much Is That Doggie In The Window"


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Check Out A Cool Article About Yorkie911at Petco in Glen Cove

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Another Great Article About Yorkie911 at Fetch Boutique  

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Pup My Ride - September 1, 2010

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